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Tiny Text

Anything GW-BASIC, QBasic, Quick Basic, Free Basic, QB64, or RapidQ related.
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Tiny Text

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Written in Quick Basic.

FREEWARE Open Source

Tiny Text is a wysiwyg editor for X86 DOS.

Works with files up 80x200.
Tabs display as spaces.
Supports mouse operations.
Backspace deletes a character, moving the cursor back.
Delete clears a line and moves up the text below it.
Enter moves down a row to the first column.
Insert adds a line in between lines.
End moves the cursor to the last character on the line.
Home moves the cursor to the beginning of the line.
Arrow keys move the cursor.
The left mouse button moves the cursor and selects buttons.
F6 or right mouse button to paste line.
F7 or left+right mouse button to copy line.
A line must be selected before using copy or paste.
Escape key exits the program.
F8 Enters ASCII drawing mode.
Enter a 0 after pressing F8 to exit ASCII drawing mode.

Download: ...
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