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Express BASIC
Alpha Version
Last Updated:
9:37 PM 11/25/2023

Express BASIC is a minimal BASIC dialect that is suitable for performing complex calculations. The language is inspired by Dartmouth, Palo Alto, Altair, GW BASIC, and the many dialects of Tiny BASIC. The interpreter is written in C and is open source.

The goal of this language is to develop and maintain a syntax that is more standard than Craft Basic or Commando Basic. Programs may be copy/pasted into GW BASIC with little to no modification. The syntax of Express BASIC and Net Basic are intended to be similar. This allows you to write code that works locally and on the net.

Download URLs:

DOS and 9x Edition - File Size: 99kB

Minimal Edition (Windows 2000, XP, 7, 10, and 11) - File Size: 36kB

Extended Edition (Windows XP only) - File Size: 46kB

Support Forum:

System Requirements:

DOS / Windows 95

Supported Operating Systems:

Win9X, Win2K, WinXP ,Win10, Win11

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